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Veteran Owned and Run  15% Discount for Veterans

If you are still using windows XP and getting on the internet with it. Time to upgrade as there is a flaw in it that the people are using for the ransomware. Best to go to windows update on your computer and update it fully and backup all your data you want to save. If you need any help with that I can help. New computer and transfer all your data over and have it fully updated for you. Also Carbonite Dealer for Backup. Can backup complete system and also data locally and also on the cloud where it is secure.

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If you are having trouble with AT&T Please give me a call to help straighten it out. If you are having problems with your telephone give me a call I will try to help.
WCO Also sells Furniture from Doane Keyes & Associates in Peru. The same people used by Beckley, Lucas Furniture and others. Check our prices.

Most of the computer products sold in stores as retail have a one year manufacturer warranty. Sold through WCO have a three year manufacturer warrant. If you are thinking about buying a Dell, HP or other computer from a BIG BOX STORE give WCO Sales a Call for a locally built Computer not in Mexico or China.


Wayne’s Computer & Office does all the following:

Custom Built PC’s, Notebooks, and Servers

Gaming Computers

Installations & Upgrades

Onsite Service

Repairs & Troubleshooting

Virus & Spyware Removal

Full System Recovery

Computer Network Wiring

Computer Network Wireless

Computer Networks

Remanufactured Toner and Ink for Printers & Copiers

Computer Accessories

Office Furniture

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